The news that Andrew Tate has a "severe lung disease" has increased speculation that he has cancer.


Andrew Tate announced he had a "severe health condition" and has asked to be freed from prison.
At the beginning of the year, the influencer has been held in a Romanian jail after being charged with people trafficking.
A "lesion on his lung," according to medical papers obtained by "Spynews," is Tate's current health condition. According to the news source, who was able to obtain a copy of his medical documents, Tait had a chest CT scan in Dubai back in December. He was imprisoned in Hungary shortly after that.
Tate's team is putting a lot of effort into trying to have him released, but their most recent attempts have failed. His medical history was presented in court as evidence to support his release on medical grounds.
According to a judicial source who spoke to The Sun Online, Tate "has tried with several medical documents to convince the judges from Bucharest Appeal Court to free him so that he can fly to Dubai for further medical investigations regarding his illness discovered on a previous investigation in 2022.
When Tate and his brother Tristan will be released is yet unknown.

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